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A successful video conference project requires the existing infrastructure to be inventoried completely and the strengths and weaknesses of the video services to be determined in detail from the users' point of view.


Our portfolio of professional services ranges from manufacturer-independent advice on products, to working out solution proposals to compiling requirements specifications regarding the video conference equipment.


MVC consults and supports you in the planning, implementation, operation and further development of your video services. Our experienced staff will assist you in adapting the video solutions to the operating processes in an optimum fashion so you will benefit from your investments to the greatest possible extent. Below you will find a selection of our predefined professional services. In addition, we can also offer specialized services that are customized to your individual requirements/challenges.


Our professional services comprise individual modules so you will always receive the advice you need:


  • MVC Introductory Workshop - for newbies to the video domain
  • MVC As-Is Analysis - for companies wanting to use their video solution even more efficiently
  • MVC Process Optimization through Video - for companies wanting to optimize their processes by using video
  • MVC Virtual Experts - for companies wanting to attend to their customers virtually
  • MVC Usage & Adoption - for companies wanting to optimize the use of video


As a matter of course, we also support our customers with our IT-related know-how in special topics such as firewall traversal, help desk design, call centre design or concierge services design by offering individual workshops on day basis.


We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the individual workshops.