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Video conferencing is gradually establishing itself as a standard. The benefits are obvious: Companies save big on travel expenses. No costs are incurred for plane or train tickets, rental cars, taxis and, of course, accommodation. Furthermore, video conferencing saves a lot of time, as you no longer have to travel to a meeting but can attend a conference from your office. All this also increases the productivity. It is easy to involve remote project partners in a video conference and there is less environmental impact as there is no more need to travel that much.


A video conference offers many benefits.

If you consider saved travel costs alone, a video conference system already pays off after eight to nine months. If you include saved time in your consideration, it only takes four to five months. Video conferencing is a highly efficient communication tool. Using Full HD resolution, video conferences provide a vivid, three-dimensional impression. Telepresence technology is so advanced that the participants of a video conference virtually feel as if the meeting took place in a real room.

As a matter of course, video conferences are not limited to two locations only. Multipoint video conferences can be used to connect multiple locations to the same video conference. This way, for instance, the research division in Germany can clarify issues with the production sites in Eastern Europe and Asia at the same time, which significantly improves the flow of information. Many video conference systems offer an integrated multipoint solution.


If you lack individual capacities, you can use MVC BusinessVideo to receive the respective conference services. Our operators organize, connect and manage the video conferences of our customers all over the world.


We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the services.