Logitech Group

Affordable video conferencing technology for medium and large conference rooms

GROUP is an affordable video conferencing system for medium to large conference rooms that provides any meeting place with a place for collaboration via video. Thanks to plug &play connectivity via USB, GROUP is easy to install and use. It works in your familiar computing environment and with any video conferencing software. Razor-sharp video images and the visually appealing full-duplex hands-free system enable outstanding conferences. Simply connect your notebook and start a conference or use the state-of-the-art hands-free kit in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled® mobile device for professional-level audio calls.

Ideal for larger rooms

GROUP is a video conferencing solution for rooms for 14 to 20 people and offers high-quality HD video output and crystal-clear sound reproduction. Advanced features such as acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction technology and intuitive controls make it easier than ever to involve everyone in the conversation.

Plug & Play Convenience

Thanks to plug &play connectivity via USB, GROUP is easy to install and use. All you have to do is connect GROUP to the computer in the conference room or to your laptop via USB and the conference can start. The system is compatible with all common video conferencing solutions. For audio calls with optimal sound quality, you can connect the GROUP hands-free system to your mobile device via Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Options for more flexibility

With GROUP, you can adjust the settings to the layout and size of the room at any time. Attach the camera to a table, a tripod or even to a wall. Optional additional microphones increase the range of sound reproduction up to 8.5 meters. Add an optional 10 or 15 meter cable to increase the range of the speakerphone or camera.