Webex Room Bar

The Webex® Room Bar enables optimal video meetings. In doing so, the Room Bar is a compact yet powerful video communications device that delivers stunning video conferencing, limitless flexibility and comprehensive meeting experiences in your focus rooms, huddle spaces and small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

With streamlined camera views, clear stereo sound, expandable audio, dual-screen support and seamless USB-C passthrough, the Webex Room Bar transforms your workspace into an optimal hybrid work environment. Outfit your rooms with a collaboration kit that’s easy to deploy, engaging to use, and more affordable to maintain for a connected, smart workplace.

Web ex Room Bar Product Overview
Available in First Light and Carbon colors, the Webex Room Bar combines a powerful codec, a wide-field-of-view smart camera, noise-canceling microphones, dual stereo speakers and robust integrations in a single product designed to add intelligence, reliability and elegance to modern work environments.

Webex Room Bar enables smart workspaces
The Webex Room Bar is designed for enhanced workplace experiences. It detects when people enter the room and automatically activates for smooth joining of a meeting. Using artificial intelligence, it can even recognize meeting attendees. No longer worry about distracting noises like rustling paper, typing, and other background noise. Advanced noise cancellation combined with machine learning-based noise removal ensures an interference-free audio experience.

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Prefer a non-contact experience? Look no further. Webex Assistant lets you start your next meeting with voice commands. Transform your presentations into hybrid collaboration: Share 4K content wirelessly or with USB-C cables so remote participants can have the same meeting experience.

Boundless video conferencing
Connect to one or two flat-panel displays via HDMI and enjoy stunning full HD video and 4K content that enables collaboration in a variety of spaces, from the boardroom to the executive office to the meeting room. Looking to add video to your mid-sized rooms? We’ve got just what you need. Add an external microphone to ensure all participants can be heard clearly.

Want to join a meeting that goes beyond Webex by Cisco®? With reliable cloud video interoperability, your team can connect to any cloud meeting service like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet with a tap of a single button in the room navigator and you’re in. Or simply connect your laptop to the Room Bar via USB-C.

With Room Bar, you can make sure everyone is included in the meeting. Remote attendees can see and hear everyone and everything in the room and never lose sight of the active speaker, while in-room attendees experience an exceptional meeting experience and streamlined view when interacting with remote attendees. Even better, you’ll get clear, spatial sound in the room that’s emitted closer to the video feed from the active remote speaker – for a lifelike audio experience.