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What our customers say

Temenos Headquarters SA

Flavien Bau

„I have been looking for real videoconferencing expertise in Geneva canton area and finally found MVC. We have a large videoconferencing footprint, spanning on multiple sites in about 30 countries which is entirely managed by MVC. I have to say that the on-field technicians are top-notch and have been instrumental in keeping our videoconference infrastructure safe, reliable and performant. In addition to this, they provided very good advices to make our architecture and infrastructure evolve to meet new requirements. A high technical competence in Videoconference space as well as in UCC and a customer centric approach makes MVC the perfect choice for us. Video communication is now an integral part of our global communication strategy and MVC has been a key partner in helping us execute this strategy.“

KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Daniel Oestmann

"MVC and its team of experts are always on hand to answer questions about the modern Unified Communication possibilities, to optimize the ongoing operation of our telephone and video conferencing solution provided by MVC and to jointly forge future plans for meaningful, international further developments...".

KION Group

David Zydek

"What we appreciate in MVC is flexibility. Where others say "can’t", MVC finds a way. MVC - a competent contact for all topics around video and UCC, who also reacts quickly".

LBBW - Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Klaus Gickeleiter

"MVC offers a highly professional service, this is how a customer imagines a concierge service. The on-site staff work in the background and are not intrusive. We can recommend the service to other customers without reservation."

Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG

Rainer Jüngling

"MVC has been able to demonstrate its excellent know-how in the field of telephony and video conferencing in various projects and has supported us exactly where we did not have the specialist knowledge in depth. Many different challenges could be solved pragmatically and quickly. In addition, the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group benefits from the great experience and extensive knowledge regarding the solutions available on the market for modern cooperation. All this makes MVC a valuable partner with whom we want to continue to shape the communicative future of Hauck & Aufhäuser."

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service

Frank J. Hoffmann, former head of the infrastructure division

"MVC is the core service provider for video conferencing systems. They are particularly characterized through high technical competence, very high flexibility, innovation and reliability. I can recommend MVC without reservation and will be very happy to work with them again in the future."

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Martin Fey

"The company MVC is a flexible, responsible and solution-oriented partner for the topics video and UCC".

Pepperl + Fuchs

Helmut Eckstein

"MVC always offers individual advice and that on a very flat level, which means that I am almost always faced with a person who can give me answers to my questions and also understand and proactively address our problems as a company. Fast response times, both in The offer phase, as well as in the implementation and problem solving. The support provides qualified staff. A high degree of flexibility, so that I can respond to my individual requests for accounting etc. One face to the customer and that for a long time. MVC offers worldwide support with 24x5 and here too the reference to the very individual billing model."

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service

Mr Stihl

"Short ways"


Lars Panzer

"MVC has been our partner in video conferencing for many years. For the UCC project we looked at different providers. In the end, MVC delivered the most professional overall picture and solved the disciplines of video conferencing and telephony integration best".

Roll Schweiz AG

Andreas Sander

"MVC’s virtual conference rooms enable us to hold video conferences quickly and easily with colleagues, partners and customers worldwide. With MVC Managed Services we have outsourced the administration, maintenance and operation of our video systems and video infrastructure, allowing us to concentrate on our core competencies. Personnel resources are conserved and the operation of the video conferencing solutions is secured".

Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat

Günther Penninger

"Very structured and perfectly organized."

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

Kai Eickelpasch

"We knew that we would not be able to implement this complex integration with our own know-how and therefore looked for a professional partner. One who is exclusively specialised in video conferences and systems and who takes over the system integration worldwide", says Kai Eickelpasch, group leader telecommunications at AGRAVIS and project manager for the new video conference platform. Two providers were considered, including MVC Mobile VideoCommunication GmbH. "Due to our initial situation, MVC suggested to hold a workshop, to look at details in detail and only then to go into the offer and project phase", explains Kai Eickelpasch and adds, "this was the only right way".

Genossenschaftsverband – Verband der Regionen e.V.

Burkhard Kaufhold

"The MVC team had a very broad and deep technical know-how. Hurdles were immediately analysed and they worked together to find a solution. And on a human level, too, everything worked out very well. I am very grateful to MVC for the smooth implementation on schedule and budget."

Burda Verlag Osteuropa GmbH

Claus-Thomas Kuhn

"Video communication is an integral part of our international market research in all our publishing houses in Eastern Europe. As part of the development and expansion of our magazine portfolio, the reader target group in a wide variety of national regions is regularly surveyed in a targeted manner, including increasingly by video conferencing. Video conferencing gives management the opportunity to participate actively in these group discussions, yet independently of location. Travel time and travel expenses can thus be saved to a certain extent. During the financial crisis, the videoconference network was one of the essential management tools to solve even difficult situations, quickly, flexibly and personally over long distances. We were able to increase the intensity of direct communication within the company’s management circle and at the same time reduce costs. With MVC we have found a very reliable partner for videoconferencing, who supports us throughout Europe with its services, even on site, in a competent and customer-oriented manner".

Carl Zeiss AG

Tobias Riegg

"We already use video communication as part of our international corporate communications in over 12 locations on 4 continents. MVC accompanied the international roll-out with competence and reliability and was responsible for the implementation. We are pleased that we will continue to rely on MVC in the future and can rely on MVC’s know-how".

CMS Legal Services EEIG

Matthew Gorman

"Thanks to MVC’s Managed Video Services, we were able to concentrate on our core business and did not have to invest resources in the acquisition, operation or maintenance of an extensive infrastructure. That was absolutely convincing."

Emmi AG

Werner Dorner

"Right from the start, MVC gave us the feeling that we had the right partner at our side for planning, implementation and installation, one who speaks the same language, is uncomplicated, understands us and is always there for us. The Emmi Group has been a member of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) since 2003, has worked towards achieving the CO2 target agreement concluded with the Swiss Confederation in 2010, and has even been able to exceed it by means of broadly diversified measures. Video conferences are a proven means for us to further improve the CO2 balance. If each of the ten members of the Corporate Executive Committee were to forgo just one 150-kilometre car journey per week, around 700 litres of petrol per person per year, or a total of 7,000 litres per year, could be saved. If this example is extrapolated to all employees, the savings add up many times over.


Ulf Unverhau

"From the beginning, the chemistry was right. Maintaining the entire communication process is a business-critical factor for us. From the very beginning, MVC gave us the feeling that we had the right implementation partner at our side, one who speaks the same language, understands us and is there for us around the clock. In case of emergency also 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Every single point has been confirmed since the beginning of our cooperation".

Infineon Technologies IT Services

Achim Auer

"Video communication is now an integral part of our global communication strategy. MVC advised us intensively and objectively during the planning phase and, with its comprehensive know-how, prevailed over other potential partners. MVC also played a decisive role in the implementation and development of our global video structure and continues to be the partner at our side".

medi GmbH & Co. KG

Miriam Schmitt

"Especially in product development and quality control, telepresence brings us the greatest benefit. The rapid exchange of information about products and production techniques, right through to the visual demonstration of product samples and details, offers decisive advantages. These fine-tunings allow us to achieve continuous and cost-efficient quality improvements that would not be possible at all without video conferencing systems".

Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG

Urs Hüttenmoser

"With MVC we have found a partner who has accompanied the complete realisation of our video communication roll-out in more than 30 European branches: Starting with consulting, system selection, installation, training and on-site service. As video communication is very important in our company and will be further expanded, we will continue to rely on MVC’s know-how in the future".

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Dr. Christian Wegner

"The investment in our telepresence solution at twelve locations in Europe has paid for itself financially within the first year. In addition, we save many hours and days of travel time every month and avoid the equivalent of 855 tons of carbon dioxide every year due to the loss of flights and trips".

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