“We knew that we could not carry out this complex integration by only relying on our own know-how and so we looked for a professional partner. One that specialises exclusively in videoconferencing and systems and is responsible for system integration worldwide,” says Kai Eickelpasch, Head of Telecommunications at AGRAVIS and project manager for the new videoconferencing platform. Two providers were considered, one of which was MVC Mobile VideoCommunication GmbH. “Due to our starting position, MVC suggested to hold a workshop, take a close look at the details and only then go into the tendering and project phase,” explains Kai Eickelpasch and adds, “that was the only correct way.” 

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AGKai Eickelpaschhttps://

“Video communication is an integral part of our international market research in all of our publishing houses in Eastern Europe. As part of the development and expansion of our magazine portfolio, we regularly conduct targeted surveys of our readers in a wide variety of regions, supplemented, among other things, by video conferencing. Video conferencing offers management the opportunity to actively participate in these group discussions, regardless of location. Travel times and travel costs can thus be saved to a certain extent. During the financial crisis, the video conferencing network was one of the essential management tools used to solve even the most difficult situations quickly, flexibly and in person over long distances. We were able to increase the intensity of direct communication in the management circle of the company and at the same time reduce costs. With MVC, we have found a very reliable partner for video conferencing that supports us throughout Europe with its competent and customer-oriented services”.

Burda Verlag Osteuropa GmbH Claus-Thomas Kuhnhttps://

“We already use video communication as part of our international corporate communications in over 12 locations on 4 continents. MVC supervised the international roll-out competently and reliably and was responsible for the implementation. We are delighted to be able to continue relying on MVC and fall back on MVC’s know-how in the future.”

Carl Zeiss AGTobias Riegghttps://

“MVC’s managed video services allowed us to focus on our core business without having to invest resources in the acquisition, operation or maintenance of a large infrastructure. That won us over completely.”

CMS Legal Services EEIGMatthew Gormanhttps://

“MVC has been our video conferencing partner for many years. We looked at different providers for the UCC project. In the end, MVC delivered the most professional overall picture and handled the disciplines of video conferences and telephone service integration best.”

DAW SELars Panzerhttps://

“From the very beginning, MVC has given us the impression of being the right partner at our side for planning, implementation and installation. They speak the same language, are uncomplicated, understand us, and are always there for us. Since 2003, the Emmi Group has been a member of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW), working purposefully towards achieving the target agreement on CO2 emissions concluded with the federal government in 2010 and was even able to exceed it thanks to broadly diversified measures. Video conferences are an effective way for us to further improve the CO2 footprint. If each of the ten members of the corporate executive committee goes without only one 150-kilometre drive per week, around 700 litres of petrol per person per year or a total of 7,000 litres per year can be saved. If we extrapolate this example to all employees, it accumulates many times over.”

Emmi AGWerner Dornerhttps://

“The chemistry was right from the very beginning. Maintaining the entire communication process is a critical factor for our business. Right from the start, MVC has given us the feeling of being the right implementation partner at our side – one that speaks the same language, understands us and is there for us around the clock. Even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an emergency. Every single point has been confirmed since the beginning of our cooperation.”

EFTEC AGUlf Unverhauhttps://

“The MVC team had very broad and deep technical know-how.  Hurdles were analysed immediately and a solution was worked out together. On a personal level too, everything came together very well. I am very grateful to MVC for the smooth implementation on schedule and on budget.”

Genossenschaftsverband – Verband der Regionen e.V. Burkhard Kaufholdhttps://

“Video communication has become an integral part of our global communications strategy. MVC advised us intensively and objectively during the planning phase and stood out over other possible partners thanks to its comprehensive know-how. MVC has also played a decisive role in the implementation and development of our worldwide video structure and continues to be at our side as our partner.”

Infineon Technologies IT ServicesAchim Auerhttps://

“Telepresence brings us the greatest benefit, particularly in the fields of product development and quality control. The fast exchange regarding products and manufacturing techniques and everything down to the visual demonstration of product samples and details offers decisive advantages.  These fine tunings allow us to achieve continuous and cost-effective quality improvements that would not be possible without video conferencing systems.”

medi GmbH & Co. KGMiriam Schmitthttps://

“In MVC, we have found a partner who has accompanied the complete realisation of our video communication roll-out in more than 30 European branches. Starting with consulting, through system selection, installation and training, to on-site service.  Since video communication plays a very important role in our company and is being expanded further, we will continue to rely on MVC’s know-how in the future.”

Olympus Europe SE & Co. KGUrs Hüttenmoser https://

“The investment in our telepresence solution at twelve locations in Europe paid for itself within the first year. In addition, we save many hours and days of travel time every month and avoid the equivalent of 855 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year by eliminating flights and trips.”

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SEDr. Christian Wegnerhttps://

“MVC’s virtual conference rooms enable us to quickly and easily conduct video conferences with colleagues, partners and customers worldwide. With MVC Managed Services, we have outsourced the administration, maintenance and operation of our video systems and video infrastructure, allowing us to concentrate on our core competencies. Personnel resources are spared and the operation of video conferencing solutions is secured,” says Andreas Sander, Head of IT Service Desk at Von Roll Schweiz AG

Von Roll AGAndreas Sanderhttps://

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