Home office problems

For employees, the biggest challenges in the home office are related to technology, as can be clearly seen in the graphic. The graph shows the biggest problems in the home office according to a survey by the Ifo Institute.

Of course, the technical requirements must be met in every case. There are differences here: While some employees have a work laptop as well as a cell phone provided by the employer, there is also the option of using private equipment for working from home. In most cases, however, the prerequisite is Internet access: Around 96 percent of all households in Germany had this in 2020. However, there are considerable differences between urban and rural areas in terms of the availability of fast broadband Internet. Digital technologies, such as cloud solutions or VPN connections, are also of great importance for working from home in order to ensure IT security.

Furthermore, the employee should have an undisturbed and fully-equipped workplace, i.e. ideally: own room (also important for data security), desk with ergonomic chair – only with the right equipment can you work productively.

Did you know: Hybrid working is an attraction for top employees

87 percent of the companies that participated in a study conducted by the University of St. Gallen would like to establish the working method primarily in order to retain and attract top employees to the company. In the following graphic, you can see the motivation of the companies to establish hybrid working.