Poly launches new R30 video bar at ISE

The Poly booth is all about hybrid meetings. Not surprisingly – part of Poly’s strategy is to support equal meetings for all meeting participants and thus to push perfect hybrid meetings.

Poly R30 for Huddle Rooms
At ISE2022, Poly introduced the new R30 video bar – a solution specifically for small rooms (huddle rooms and huddle spaces), further expanding its strong portfolio of certified USB video bars with a dedicated solution for any size room.

The Poly Studio R30 is certified for Zoom and pending Microsoft Teams certification. It has many of the same features and functionality as the other Poly video bars, but is optimized for small room performance at a small price. The USB video bar features a built-in speaker, a 4k camera with a 120-degree field of view, a 3-element beamforming microphone array and Poly DirectorAI intelligent camera technology.

This technology enables real-time framing of every participant in the room, an individual speaker or the presenter. The camera uses facial recognition and voice triangulation algorithms to detect the nuances of themeeting and then create the best frame based on those nuances and your preferences.

Acoustic Fence is designed to block out unwanted background noise, according to the manufacturer, and the video bar uses three built-in microphones to do so. A mono speaker is available for audio playback.

With the Poly Studio R30, Poly has strategically selected the key group video elements of larger group devices and combined them with some of the user-friendly attributes of personal devices, such as USB connectivity and a detachable monitor clamp.

Poly R30 videos

The differentiation from the other Poly Studio solutions:
Poly Studio P15 is optimized for the home office or a personal space in the office, such as a focus room.
Poly Studio R30 covers all USB video bar requirements in small conference rooms.
Poly Studio USB is ideal for medium-sized rooms that are a bit too big for Poly Studio R30.

Funktionen der Poly Studio R30 Video Bar im Überblick

4K camera with a 120-degree field of view so every meeting participant can be seen clearly, even those sitting closest to the camera
Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology that can perfectly frame everyone in the room, a single speaker or even a presenter in real time
Advanced audio with NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence to suppress unwanted background noise
WiFi device capabilities for remote IT management

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