The most frequently asked questions are listed below. If your question still remains unanswered, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you.

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Conference management


The different types of contact should support you in your selection and overview. This way you can clearly distinguish between a person (participant) and a conference system.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. This code, in the form of an email address, connects you worldwide with Voiceover-IP-based participants or conference systems.

Participants or conference systems are called at the beginning of your booked conference if a SIP / IPv4 number has been stored.

We would like to offer you this service as inexpensively as possible. The alternative would be to pass the resulting telephone charges on to you and charge you for them. We want to save you from such unpleasant surprises.


The latest you can book your conference is 15 minutes before it is scheduled to start. For example, if the time is 11:25, you can schedule your conference for 11:45 or 12:00. However, if you are in a hurry, you can start an ad hoc conference. These are available to you within one minute at the latest.

You can avoid unwanted visitors who could dial in with your assigned SIP thanks to a pin. If you have entered a PIN (which must consist of 4 to 6 digits), you will not have any unwanted visitors.

The longest bookable duration of a conference is limited to eight hours. However, should the meeting take longer, these eight hours can also be exceeded. No one will be thrown out of virtual space.

Your booked conference is available up to five minutes before its scheduled start and you can dial in during this time.

Your conference will be closed after your specified time has been exceeded at the earliest, in case there is no participant or conference system in the room. If you have planned a conference that is scheduled to run for one hour, you can, of course, exceed the time limit indefinitely. No one has been kicked out of the conference before.

If you book or edit an upcoming conference, you can select or deselect it directly. If you have saved a particularly large number of contacts, you have the opportunity to use the overlaying search function.

If you want to search for your favorite service provider or company, you can also filter by the stored domain of the e-mail. For example “”.

Please make sure that you have taken into account the requirements.

  • Start time must be at least 15 minutes past the current time.
  • End time must be at least 15 minutes and a maximum of 12 hours after the start time.
  • Name specification.

You can edit or delete your conference until up to 15 minutes before it starts. The reason for this is that we require a certain notice time for creating a conference. This notice time allows us to guarantee that your room will be available at the planned time.

This happens when you have selected the specified start time of less than 15 minutes past the current time.

Yes. Once the conference has started, click on “Moderate” and then on “Add Participants”. There you can enter the SIP / IPv4 address of the participant or conference system and call them.

Yes, this is possible. Click on “Conferences” and then on “Completed conferences”. There we have provided you with additional filter options according to year, month, and name, which work independently. Then, when you click on the completed conference you are interested in, the basic data (name, PIN, dial-in number, etc.) will be displayed. A list of participants will be published, displaying who entered and exited the room, and at what time.

Moderating conferences and personal meeting rooms

You can moderate the conference right from the beginning. Personal meeting rooms can be moderated at any time as they are available 24/7. Please note that the room settings will not be automatically reset.

Yes. Click on the desired symbol on the ribbon at the top. If this symbol is red, all microphones/loudspeakers/cameras/screens of the present participants will be activated or deactivated. This setting also affects all participants arriving at a later time.

You can moderate each participant individually or throw them out of the room. Click on the desired symbol next to the name of the participant.

Personal Meeting Rooms (PMRs)

PMRs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, your assigned dial-in number does not change, you can change the PIN and name of the PMR at any time. And last but not least, we can brand your PMRs according to your specifications. You can also customise the domain ( according to your wishes. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes. We have made this function available to you in the new MVC 360°.

Yes, very interesting if your videoconferencing system does not support multipoint (multiple participants).

Use the “Auto Dial-Out” function, which can be found in the respective PMR settings. You can store any SIP address.

Dialling-in to a virtual conference room

You can dial in with any client or video conference system that supports SIP. These include Skype for Business, Cisco Webex Board, Cisco Webex Teams, Polycom RealPresence Group Series, Microsoft Surface Hub, and many more. You can also dial into the room using a browser (WebRTC). If you do not have access to any of the clients or video conference systems described above, you can dial in by phone. Dial +49 69 7430 75 800 and the friendly announcement system will guide you from there. Have your dial-in number and PIN ready, if there is one assigned. Confirm your entry by pressing the # key.

DTMF supports almost any phone, smartphone, etc. Simply enter the dial-in number or PIN. If you hear a tone after each press, DTMF tones are being transmitted. For different video conference systems DTMF inputs may have to be activated separately. Please refer to the corresponding operating instructions.


In any video conference system screen content can be shared, including the programmes displayed there, and made visible to the other conference participants. Connect the playback device to the video conference system to share the content. For further details, please refer to your instructions manual or contact your local technician. Using Skype for Business, Cisco Webex Teams, etc. your content or desktop can also be presented. Here you will usually be guided by the programmes. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to share your content or desktop via browser (WebRTC). If necessary, you will be asked to download the plugin “Cisco Meeting App Screen Sharing Extension” for your browser. Simply follow the corresponding instructions.

Most clients who have an integrated chat function (e.g. Skype for Business) are also able to send chat messages into the room.

Technical information

To establish a reliable connection between your videoconferencing system and our bridge, you must have the following ports & IP addresses unblocked by your firewall administrator.

MVC Firewall Ports List