Video conferencing in the financial sector – data security

Financial services are also becoming increasingly digital. Branch visits used to be obligatory, but today they are increasingly being replaced or supplemented by video banking and online banking.

Through digital services, there is now a demand for speed and convenience, and the widespread use of video conferencing for personal and professional interactions has made video communication an accepted – and expected – customer service offering. Video conferencing can bridge the gap between digital finance and the ongoing need for interpersonal interaction.

For customers, getting to in-person meetings can be time-consuming, and disruptions along the way, such as navigation, traffic and parking, can make attending a meeting with a bank representative more stressful and complicated than it needs to be. With video banking, which is easy to use and integrated into the bank’s workflow and user interface, customers can attend meetings quickly and from anywhere.

New digital business models are increasing competitive pressure between long-established financial service providers and new players in the market.

Data security for video conferencing in the financial sector
In a survey of customer experiences in video banking, (published as part of a recent Gartner report) published as part of a recent Gartner report, it was found that security is a top priority for banking customers. Protecting financial and personal data was cited as the most important aspect for consumer adoption. In this respect, customer trust and loyalty requires a secure video conferencing solution.

Data protection checklist

Which aspects should you consider for a data privacy-proof solution? Together with an external data protection expert, we have drawn up a checklist that takes all the key points into account. You can download it here.

Video conferencing in the financial sector – MVC solution with Pexip Finance

MVC offers you Pexip, a flexible, scalable video conferencing platform that enables interoperability between video conferencing systems such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Skype for Business.

The solution with our partner Pexip offers the highest security standards of a European platform

DSGVO compliant
Full data transparency
NIST-validated FIPS 140-2 encryption module
ISO/IEC 27001:2013-Zertifizierung
Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) compliant policy stack
Use of industry-standard protocols and full regulatory compliance

Download Whitepaper Privacy

Video conferencing in the financial sector – more info

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