Managed Service Videoconferencing the all-round no worries package

Did you already know that we also take over the operational responsibility for your UCC systems? The Managed Service video conferencing area is becoming increasingly popular with our customers.

We asked the manager responsible, Tobias Krebs, why: “Service availability is significantly increased and there are fewer escalations due to malfunctioning technology. We also help with issues beyond the conference room and point out problems in the network where we are also happy to provide troubleshooting support. We are straightforward and adapt to our customers’ processes and circumstances and find individual solutions,” Krebs continues.

Why hand over operational responsibility for video conferencing systems to a service provider at all?

Video conferencing is mission-critical. Now in the pandemic even more so than before! High availability and smooth operations are important for business success. Especially the conference rooms that may be used by board members have to work flawlessly and fast support directly on site is essential.

Another aspect is the cloud: video conferencing technology is now often registered in the cloud and does not function autonomously. Software updates often come without warning; in this respect, a knowledgeable employee is needed to address the issue. Likewise, it is important that all elements of the conference room, such as the camera and monitors, are always functional. All of this requires resources and expertise.

Tobias Krebs

Tobias Krebs

Head of Service

What are the benefits of a managed service videoconference?

In a nutshell: Cost savings, operational reliability, the security of a state-of-the-art solution that is maintained at all times, and high user satisfaction!

Cost savings & transparent costs

  • You do not have to provide your own resources for operating the video conferencing service.
  • No internal certification and training costs
  • You are not dependent on one employee for your “meeting success”. With a managed service contract, it is up to the service provider to find a replacement in case of illness or vacation.
  • You can adjust your costs flexibly and according to your needs – you benefit from a secure and scalable solution.
  • You do not need to invest in your own video conferencing infrastructure

Operational security & user satisfaction
With our video conferencing managed service, we guarantee you a high level of operational reliability and take the strain off your IT and your users or employees. We ensure that the videoconferences run smoothly. If there are technical difficulties, we intervene immediately and the videoconference can continue to run. We keep your videoconferencing infrastructure up and running at all times by proactively installing updates on a regular basis. Smooth operation ensures a high level of user satisfaction. MVC provides you with a team of experts to manage your entire videoconferencing environment.

A managed service contract provides you with a state-of-the-art maintained video conferencing solution at all times, including regular backups of the entire system landscape.